my new book!

My new book Meniscus: Crossing the Churn is now available on Amazon! Look for it under my first name – Alexandra Tims .

Meniscus: Crossing The Churn is a science-fiction romance, written as a long poem. It includes my pencil drawings of the adventures of the characters.

This is the first in the Meniscus series of books. The next in the series, Meniscus: South from Sintha, will be available in early May.

Crossing The Churn tells the story about a young woman, Odymn, who longs to escape from a life of servitude on the planet Meniscus. When a genetically-enhanced human rescues her from an encounter with the brutal Gel-heads, Odymn thinks she may have found freedom. But the kindness of the Slain may not be consistent with his intent.

Join Odymn and the Slain as they run from dangerous aliens and battle vicious slear-snakes. Since water flows up rather than down on this planet, just crossing the landscape is a challenge.


Copyright Jane Tims 2017