thank you!

A huge thank you to purchasers of my books. From June 1 -5 I ran a free book promotion on Amazon for  the Kindle edition of South from Sintha. I gave away 41 free ebooks and sold a few Kindle editions of the first book Crossing The Churn. Also, thanks to anyone who bought ebooks or paperbacks! I am so pleased to know my stories and words and characters are getting out there!


`chased by a Gel-head`part twotest


I have decided to run a new blog, dedicated to my interests in science fiction and fantasy. I will also put updates about my Meniscus books there.


Anyone who likes science fiction and would like to follow my new blog, have a look at www.offplanet.blog. I would be happy to see you there!


This week I am working on edits for the next two Meniscus books: Winter at the Water-climb and The Village at Themble Hill. Here is  new drawing for the next book! The books will follow the continuing story of Odymn and the Slain, but new characters arrive, as the result of a transport crash.


'Ning confronts a Gel-head'paperback


Copyright Jane Tims 2017



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